New Generations


To find out details of all the Youth Programs available from Rotary just click on on the underlined link above.


Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) is a 6-day Leadership programme held in July each year for older community-minded youth.  In July 2013 our Club sponsored Sallie Geary to attend the course as a leader.  This year we have agreed to sponsor Stephanie Corkell, a local girl who is looking to develop her leadership skills and who has attended Camp Awakenings as both a participant and leader.

National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) is a two-week programme held each year at ANU in Canberra to give science-minded students a strong taste of the benefits of a tertiary science course and career.  We sponsored Damien Winch to attend the course in January 2014, and we have recently agreed to support Jessie Gwillim’s application for NYSF in 2015.

Camp Awakenings is a leadership programme held in Mt Eliza each year for Year 9 students, and we agreed to meet the costs of 2 students for this excellent course.  The students are sourced by the Camp Awakenings team.

The Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) is another Rotary programme our Club has always been very keen to support.  We were unable to find suitable candidates from local schools this year.  We therefore decided to support District’s costs with the programme this year.

The District also held a Youth Services Cluster Meeting at the Buckingham Motel on 11 February 2014, where a number of our members heard first hand stories of the wonderful experiences that many participants have had in the various Rotary Programmes.  Sallie Geary was one who spoke and her infectious talk and personality percolated through the room as she spoke of the support she has received from Beaumaris.


Rotary Youth Leadership Award
RCOB sponsored David Nyuol Vincent and  team leader Danielle Galea to attend the  leadership camp.  We had been unable to find a candidate the  previous year. Funds from our budget were  made available for this project.

Buddy up for Kids Safety 
We were  approached by Stella Maris Primary School  to support their student well-being week,  aimed to educate  students about sexual  abuse, cyber  bullying and youth suicide. RCOB agreed to donate the  funds.  Robert McArthur  spoke to parents and  students about body image issues.
Mock Job Interviews

Eighty Year 10 students at Sandringham  College were interviewed by Beaumaris Rotarians over two  days.  The aim of this project is to help  the  students gain  skills to prepare for future employment.

Citizenship Awards

We sponsored two  students from Mentone Girls’ Secondary College and  one  from Sandringham College to receive  the  awards.

National Youth Science Forum

The National Youth Science Forum is a twelve day program for students moving into Year 12 who are thinking about a career in science, engineering and technology.

The flagship event of the NYSF is the January Forum. Until recently this event had been held exclusively in Canberra and hosted by The Australian National University.  In 2010 the NYSF introduced a third session, in Perth, co-hosted by the Curtin University of Technology and The University of Western Australia.

Rotary has been in partnership with the program since 1984 along with the Australian Government, major industry, national research institutes and universities.

The most important aspect coming from the NYSF is a network of friends, colleagues and support groups throughout Australia, which will be of value to participants for the whole of their lives.

The NYSF helps students moving into Year 12, who wish to follow careers in science, engineering and technology by introducing them to research and researchers, by encouraging the achievement of excellence in all their undertakings, and by helping to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. It also fosters discussion of, and interest in major national and global issues and emphasises the importance of maintaining continuing active interests in sport, arts and music.

The NYSF continues after January with a series of University and Industry Seminars and afterwards as a network of people with common aims.

In 2012 we were successful in having our nominated student Sallie Geary accepted for the Programme.  This is her report on her attendance at the NYSF;

Note; Controls to aid readability of document are at bottom of embedded frame.

The Science Experience
RCOB sponsored two  students to attend Monash  University  for three days of hands on science/fun.

Model United Nations Assembly

Beaumaris Rotarians assisted with  the  event once again as runners, setting up,  packing up,  meeting and  encouraging the  delegates. We have been asked  to assist again next year.   MUNA is one  of the  highlights of New  Generations  year and  is well supported by our members.

Rotary Youth Program for Enrichment

RCOB sponsored two  students, Lochlan  & Samantha, from Sandringham College (both Interactors) to attend the weekend leadership camp.

Youth Exchange 

Outbound exchange student, Caitie Kavanagh has been in Japan  since January 2011.  There were  concerns  for her safety during the  earthquake disaster, but  she was safe, and  able to continue her year’s exchange. Caitie is having a wonderful time  and  regularly sends photos and  news about her experiences.

Caitie attended several  training camps in preparation for her exchange.  She regularly attended our meetings and  assisted at Bunnings sausage sizzles prior  to her departure.  Caitie is grateful to our club  for giving  her this opportunity.

Caitie has returned from Japan and gave a wonderful account of her time in there at the Club meeting on 8 March.  Her speech notes are reproduced in In Gear  ( In Gear Week 34 12 March HD ) and a simplified version of the accompanying slideshow is available below.  Unfortunately, technical limitations prevented uploading the full slideshow (it was 240 MB!).

Louise Pierres arrived  from France  in July 2010.  Louise has been hosted by two Sandringham Rotary families,  and two Beaumaris Rotary families (the  Sawles  and  McAlaneys).   She raised  $500 for Polio Plus by selling  olive oil at the Bendigo Olive Fiesta, and  went on the  bike ride to the Adelaide  Conference, raising  $250 for Rotary Health.  Louise won the  Community Service Challenge Award for her involvement in club  activities.

She joined other exchange students on  the Safari to Central Australia.   Louise has regularly attended our meetings, attended the  District Assembly, was guest speaker at Interact and  has helped at Bunnings sausage  sizzles and  promotion days at the Concourse. Louise returned to France in July.

All expenses are shared 50/50 with  the Rotary Club of Sandringham. We were most grateful to St Leonard’s College for their generosity in waiving Louise’s school fees.

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