Robin Hood: the original social justice champion

Russell Crowe. Sean Connery. Kevin Costner. And the indelible swashbuckling, Errol Flynn. Actors who have portrayed the irreprehensible outlaw, Robin Hood. 

Robin Hood is part of English folklore.  Imagine a latter-day 12th century Ned Kelly.  Driven into outlawry, Robin robbed the rich to feed the poor.  Fact or fiction?  We may never know for sure.  The legend of Robin Hood has passed from generation to generation like Aboriginal storytelling.  ‘Romantic’ modern popular cinema even has Robin fighting in the Crusades, alongside Richard Cœur de Lion.  And, more recently, filmmaker Dylan River and writer, Kodie Bedford, borrowed the basic narrative framework of the legend and cast Pedrea Jackson as Robbie, a 13-year-old Indigenous tearaway, to give us ‘Robbie Hood’ of Alice Springs!1

Pedrea Jackson as Robbie

You’re thinking, what’s the connection to Rotary? Are Rotary Club Members planning to rob the rich to give to the poor?  The answer’s no. 

We rely heavily on the generosity of our community and the unpaid efforts of Club Members.  It enables us to support and help others of need in our community.

Christmas Puddings, Cakes and Shortbread Cookies

We recently dropped off a donation of $500 worth of goodies to support BayCISS in putting together Xmas hampers. 

Christmas cakes, Christmas puddings, chocolates, shortbread cookies, mince pies, custard and much more.  This is Pip from BayCISS with some of the goodies we delivered for the Christmas hampers. 

BayCISS, or Bayside Community Information & Support Service Inc. to give them their full name, is a registered not-for-profit community charity that provides counselling, legal advice and tax help, and emergency relief for low income and vulnerable people living in the Bayside and Kingston areas.

“I’m sure you will agree that this year will be more important than ever to provide our families and individuals with something to look forward to at Christmas!”, says BayCISS Manager, Karyn Doyle.

BayCISS asked us to help. The request came via email not arrow!  And they asked us very nicely.

“Each year, we rely heavily on the generosity of our community to provide special gifts and Christmas hampers.  Last year, we distributed over 200 fully stocked hampers, along with around 500 gifts to children and mums and dads – even some grandparents.” 

BayCISS do a lot of good work.  Beaumaris Rotary is delighted to be able to support BayCISS to help make Christmas special for people in our local community. 

You’re a strange man, Robin

We can’t resist leaving the final words to Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood from the 1938 movie ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’.

Australian-born actor Errol Flynn as Robin Hood

“You’re a strange man,” de Havilland’s Marian says to Flynn’s Robin Hood.

“Strange? Because I can feel for beaten, helpless people?” Robin replies.

“No,” says Marian. “You’re strange because you want to do something about it.”

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Megan’s our Beaumaris Rotary Membership Director. The title sounds a little formal but trust us, she’s the friendliest person you’ll ever meet! 

1For a very Australian take on Robin Hood watch:

2The Adventures of Robin Hood: 1938 film from Warner Bros. Pictures starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland.