Playing our part: staying together

We could fill the MCG five-fold with the number of International students still resident and studying in Australia.

They are no different to Australians studying overseas. They all aspire to a quality education and all have dreams of a better future. But they’re doing it tough during lockdown.

Many of these students are single people living in shared accommodation; with families overseas, who can no longer support them. Under current lockdown restrictions, they are largely isolated from their network of college friends and because casual work is difficult to find, they are struggling financially. All of which means, they are dependent both emotionally and financially on the local community support structure. 

Honey, Garlic and Soy Stir Fry 

Beaumaris Rotary Club Members are playing a small but essential role to ensure the dreams of Holmesglen Institute International students don’t turn to luchtkasteel. 

Packets of pasta. Jars of pasta sauce. One item added to the shopping basket on each supermarket trip soon mounts up!  In all, Club Members’ latest donation to the Holmesglen Institute International students exceeded 50 foodstuff items and the collection continues.  

Kerry Geard, who initiated the response, is delighted that Beaumaris Rotary Club Members have stepped up to her ‘buy something for the kids at Holmesglen’ call. 

“Someone from the local Holmesglen Institute in Moorabbin swings by on a regular basis to collect all the foodstuffs.” she says.

“But they’re not just tins and packets. They’re a message to the Holmesglen students that someone cares.”

1According to the Department of Home Affairs there were 524,000 International students in Australia as at 24 August 2020.