“Nothing’s gonna change my world”

“Nothing’s gonna change my world,” sang The Beatles.  Little did we know!  

The world has certainly changed for International students.  Aussie students in London.  Nepalese students in Melbourne.  It matters not where.  The pandemic has changed everything.  University life won’t be the same. 

Crisis of International Student Support

What’s the here and now in Melbourne?  

The vast majority of International students remain. Still determined to pursue their studies in Melbourne.  

But many are struggling to make ends meet.  Not all of these students can rely on family support from overseas – and part-time and casual job opportunities have evaporated.  Needless to say, they’re not eligible for Job Seeker. 

So, you can understand if some have feelings of detachment.

In times like these, Rotary seeks to fill the gaps. Many of these International students responded to Australia’s beckoning and encouragement to study here.  It is for us to show compassion and empathy to support them through these tumultuous times.  

It’s why tertiary education institutions and local community groups are coming together to provide meals for International students.

Meals for Holmesglen International Students 

When Beaumaris Rotary Member,  Kerrie Geard, heard about the Highett Neighbourhood Community House initiative to provide meals for Holmesglen’s International students, she decided to act. 

As a joint action with the local Sandringham, Cheltenham and Hampton Rotary Clubs, Rotary has donated $2,000 to support the initiative. This donation will enable Highett Neighbourhood Community House to continue to provide up to 120 meals per week for at least another eight weeks. 

Highett Neighbourhood Community House is an independent, not-for-profit community centre. To learn more about the centre: 

www.mycommunitylife.com.au/Clubs/Highett-amp-Hampton-Community-Centres or www.facebook.com/highettcommunityhouse/

Lyrics: “Nothing’s gonna change my world” from Across the Universe. Songwriters: John Lennon/Paul McCartney