Noodles, pasta and brown rice for international students

Light a lamp of light in their heart

It just keeps growing!  Beaumaris Rotary’s food collection for Holmesglen Institute’s International students. 

It seems that some Members have developed a new shopping habit. Or perhaps they just remember Kerrie’s message, “It’s not just one extra packet of noodles in the basket, it’s a message to the Holmesglen students that someone cares.”

Your Club Correspondent decided it was high time she understood how some of the over three quarters of a million International students studying in Australia have coped through lockdown. 

Under the lockdown rules, your Club Correspondent can’t meet with International students of Melbourne and Victoria.  So, she did the next best thing: she joined their very active and welcoming social media world. What did she discover?

She was soon reading about a myriad of things that affect the lives of our International students.  Such as encountering swooping magpies for the first time; one of the hazards of living in Victoria! 

It wasn’t long before she was reading of the importance of food parcel donations and how grateful the students are for the support they’ve received. 

“Hi mates! If you are struggling with the current situation, there’s a pop-up store in the city donating food for International Students!.”

“Free Community Pantry for anyone facing genuine hardship or homelessness. Every Tuesday between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.  Please Like and Share in the hope this information reaches those in need.”

“Tiān38 will remain committed through to the end of the year to support members of the community who are doing it tough. If you’d like to help, visit our website in our bio link.”

She also learnt how they’re searching for casual jobs to avoid financial hardship. 

“Hi Everyone, Please let me know if anyone knows about any place that’s hiring, like pick packing, food process work, warehouse, retail staff or babysitting jobs. I am struggling and it’s been quite tough. I’m based in … and I can use public transport.” 

There’s also plenty of upbeat news. Your Club Correspondent found a positive vibe to much of the social media chat.

“Hi Peeps, I hope you are all excited about the latest announcement from Dan.  There are plenty of job opportunities in cafes and restaurants etc opening up just now!! So, get on to it. What’s your plan for the week?”

Kerrie and her team of willing partners, who are busy sewing special Christmas masks for the International students, will be pleased to know that the students are already looking forward to Christmas. As evidenced by this post: 

“Quick question – how do you celebrate Christmas back home? (in your home country”)

Weekly food parcel. It just keeps growing! 

Bold New World

What was also apparent to your Club Correspondent was the breadth of support for International students. As an example, Melbourne Writers Festival and Study Melbourne ran a storytelling competition for International students; headlined the ‘Bold New World’.

The annual storytelling competition was opened to International students living and studying in Victoria who wrote or created a visual work representing their vision of an ideal future. The finalists joined a virtual awards presentation and read their award-winning stories. 

Your Club Correspondent has decided to give the last words to one of the shortlisted finalists in the storytelling competition.  She hopes you’ll find them heart-warming. 

“When we reach out to our neighbours and friends, we light a lamp of light in their heart. The kindness, generosity and social investment will stay with us.” – Hung Hsin Ke (Kenny)

Want to learn more about Rotary? Please contact Megan: Tel 0418 578 114

Megan’s our Beaumaris Rotary Membership Director. The title sounds a little formal but trust us she’s the friendliest person you’ll ever meet! 

For more information on the Bold New World storytelling competition: