Hugs for Superheroes

Have you been following your Club Correspondent’s regular reports? Then you’ll know that she recently drew attention to the challenges faced by Holmesglen Institute’s International Students. 

Before you jump to the assumption that this is another story championing noodles, pasta and brown rice for International Students – it isn’t.  Let’s make it clear upfront – the headliners of this story are the essential frontline workers at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Holmesglen’s students are the ‘warm up’ opening act!  

As an important part of their course, students studying for the Diploma of Community Services at Holmesglen Institute undertake what’s called a placement project.  Amongst other things, a placement project provides the student with practical hands-on learning in a real workplace. 

The current class of students have decided to name their placement project, ‘Thank you, Superheroes’. The students want to recognise and show appreciation of the work done throughout the year by all the doctors, nurses, allied health staff and more at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Thank you, Superheroes

Holmesglen Community Engagement Coordinator, Linda Dennison, speaks on behalf of the students and says, “The essential workers at the Royal Children’s Hospital have tirelessly put themselves in harm’s way, with the risk of infection, to provide their patients, mostly children, with the care and support needed in such challenging times”. 

“We want to take the opportunity to say thank you to these essential workers and to encourage them to take a breather and be mindful of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.” 

For this latest placement project, students are sourcing items to stock the staff Wellness Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital.  

The students asked the staff what they’d like? And they’re now collecting and distributing the requested items, which include coffee pods for the staff Lavazza coffee machine, flavoured teas, juices, breath mints, and Christmas crackers and decorations (although not tinsel!). As well as chocolates and biscuits!

Kerry Geard, who initiated Rotary’s response to support International students at Holmesglen, is encouraging Rotary Members, family and friends to support the students’ initiative to stock the Royal Children’s Hospital staff Wellness Centre.

As Kerry said previously, “They’re not just tins and packets. In this instance, they’re a message from the students to frontline workers that someone cares!” 

Images show a previous group of Holmesglen Diploma of Community services students packing bags ready for delivery to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. 

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