Breathe, Breathe in the Air; Black Rock Farmers’ Market

It’s time to take inspiration from all the delicious fresh produce available at your local Farmers Market.

Black Rock Farmers Market

2nd Saturday:  14 November 2020

8am – 1pm

Royal Avenue, Sandringham

News of the imminent Black Rock Farmers Market has galvanised your Beaumaris Rotary Club Correspondent to think about some enticing recipes. 

Guess what!  She asked Club Members for their favourite recipes.  You’ll find three of the best suggestions below.  But first, here’s her contribution. 

When your Club Correspondent goes to a Farmers Market, she inevitably starts humming “Scarborough Fair”.  Don’t ask why. 

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
(He) once was a true love of mine

Which got her thinking, “What do I like most about my trips to the Farmers Market?  Of course, it’s the aromas! Doughnuts. Coffee. Peppermint. Cinnamon. Chocolate. My favourite recipe combines two of the most arousing fragrances! Lavender and vanilla.”


200 ml soymilk (120 ml)

200 ml whipped cream 

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

10 lavender bud stems 

1 sachet of agar agar (gelatine substitute)

Put all ingredients except agar agar in a saucepan and boil while stirring.  Leave to cool for at least 5 hours, or overnight.  Pour through a sieve and cook with agar agar for 2 minutes while stirring.  Pour in the jars and allow to rest in the fridge for 2-4 hours. Once the mass has solidified, the Panna Cotta can be carefully toppled out of the jars on a plate with a little tap.  Add a little maple syrup and fresh berries.

The first Club Member recommendation comes from Roy Seager, who recently rediscovered this recipe after his daughter pestered him for it!

“Here’s one to enjoy as we head into BBQ season,” says Roy, “Spicy potato wedges with lamb backstraps and a beer – or two. Or just as is!” 


1kg red rascal potatoes

¼ cup fresh rosemary leaves

2 tbs olive oil

½ tsp dried crushed hot chillies 

Sea salt flakes

Lemon aioli

1 egg yolk

1 garlic clove

1 tsp Dijon mustard

125ml olive oil

1 tsp finely grated lemon rind

1 tbs fresh lemon juice

Preheat oven to 180oC. Lightly grease a baking trays with oil. Place potato; sliced into 2cm-thick wedges; rosemary, olive oil and chilli in a large bowl. Season with sea salt and pepper. Toss to coat and place in the prepared tray. Roast the now coated potato wedges in oven, turning occasionally, for 50 minutes or until the potato wedges are crisp and light golden.

Meanwhile, make the lemon aioli; place the egg yolk, garlic and mustard in the bowl of a small food processor and process until well combined.  Mix in the oil in a thin, steady stream until the mixture is thick and pale. Add the lemon rind and lemon juice and stir until well combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a serving bowl. 

“Here’s another recipe, which I love,” says Roy. “We picked it up when working in Sweden; way back in the eighties.”

“Kässler is smoked pork. But we use bacon chops. It’s especially good with creamy mashed potatoes.”


200ml crème fraiche 

2 tbs tomato sauce 

2 tbs light soy 

Shake of tabasco 

1 tsp cornflower mixed with a little milk

Bananas and roasted peanuts

Mix together all above ingredients.  Place kässler in lightly greased Pyrex dish and place whole banana on top.  Sprinkle handful of roasted peanuts over and then spread mixture all over.  Bake 15 mins covered at 190c. Bake 25 mins uncovered at 190c.

The final recommendation comes from Club Member, Bridget Hage. 

“Mochi is my most recent favourite recipe; an oriental dessert made of glutinous rice flour, filled with red bean paste and covered with coconuts.  It reminds me of my youthful days strolling in the evening food markets with friends,” reflects Bridget wistfully.


220 gm glutinous rice flour

110 gm sugar

200 ml coconut milk (or milk)

desiccated coconut (or fried glutinous rice flour) to coat mochi

Red bean paste ingredients:

½ cup red beans

1½ cup water

rock sugar to taste

Combine glutinous rice flour with sugar.  Gradually stir in coconut milk until smooth.  Transfer flour mixture in a greased shallow plate and steam over a high heat with cover for 30 minutes, or until cooked through.  Use a chop stick to test whether it’s cooked.  If only a little flour mixture sticks to the chop stick, it’s done!  Let it cool.  Transfer to a greased surface.  Cut into 12 even small portions and  knead each into a small disc.  Spoon red bean paste into the middle.  Fold the edge to seal the mochi.  Lightly roll it into a ball shape using both palms; then coat with desiccated coconut. 

Red bean paste: Rinse red beans and soak for 3 hours.  Drain and add red beans to boiling water (1:3). Cook over a medium-low heat with cover until soft.  When all the water is vaporised, the red beans are cooked; the result is a very soft texture which still retains the whole shape of the red bean.  Add some raw sugar to adjust the sweetness as required.

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1Songwriters: Arthur Garfunkel / Paul Simon – Scarborough Fair/Canticle lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group