We asked Bayside’s young artists to paint, draw, craft or model prehistoric creatures from a bygone age. Or if they preferred; dinosaurs or fictional scary monsters. 

The resulting creative artwork and all the inventive names given to the creatures have really amazed the judges – they’re all super-ceratops!

Here are the winners in each age category.

Under 5 age      Winner – Björn

Judges’ comments:

What a terrifying big fish! Those big teeth look perfect for chomping up small whales! I love that you used the whole page, and I can see you put a lot of effort into it. Megalodon eat your heart out!

Thank you for sending us your picture. What a scary creature. A really lovely drawing. Well done. 

5 -10 age   Winner – Yvette

Judges’ Comments:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Love the colours. Pelagornis is one of my most favourite prehistoric animals of all time and you kept the bizarre array of pseudo-teeth in the bill of this ancient bird! The proportions are spot on! Placing a smaller bird underneath, it to give an idea of Pelagornis’ size is fantastic! I wonder if it actually had those colours? We’ll never know, but this is one of my favourites for the whole competition. 

What a happy dinosaur and his cute baby!  You have made the most interesting drawing with patterns and shapes filling the page. You have also  told us correctly that the babies don’t have teeth for the first few years. A beautiful work. Very well done.

11-16 age  Winner – Haeley

Judges’ Comments:

Fantastic job! The colours really mix well, and even though it does not represent a known fossil animal, I can tell you went to a lot of effort creating a new one!  It’s very much a “Phoenix rising from the ashes” kind of vibe, and I’m all here for it. 

Your work is incredible!  Not only have you painted and drawn your beautiful bird, but you have given us your reasons why he is structured this way. I would love to see more of your work one day. You are very talented.

Special Award Winner: Quincey (age 3) and Lawson (age5 )

This dinosaur model of box, papier mâché, paint and cardboard designed and built by Quincey and Lawson is awarded a Special Judges’ Winner Prize. 

Judges’ Comments:

You had fun with this. All the huge sculptures we see as we drive along the freeways start off on a small scale. Maybe we will see your work out there one day. Well done. 

16 – 17 age  Highly Commended – Amy

Our 4 winning entries each receive a prize of a $100 voucher redeemable at Toyworld Beaumaris (1-5 North Concourse).  

Our special thanks go to Toyworld Beaumaris for the providing the prizes; to our judges, Ben Franciscelli of The Lost World of Bayside Fossils and Margaret Amond of Beaumaris Art Group for their amazing support; to Bayside Community Hub for generously hosting the competition; and to the Black Rock Community Group and Beaumaris Community Hub for letting us share the news … without you all, we couldn’t have made this competition happen! 

If like us, you’ve really enjoyed seeing all the scary artwork?  Maybe you’ve an idea for another kids’ competition? Let us know. Share your ideas by emailing to

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