Annual Reports

This page contains a link to a copy of the latest Rotary Club of Beaumaris Annual Report in embedded format.   It also contains archived copies of the Annual Reports in PDF format from the 2010 2011 Rotary years onward.

Annual Reports in pdf Format

Rotary Year 2018 2019        BEAUMARIS ROTARY ANNUAL REPORT 2019 FINAL SQ
Rotary Year 2017 2018          ANNUAL REPORT 2018 HD FINAL
Rotary Year 2016 2017          ANNUAL REPORT 2017 FINAL HD
Rotary Year 2015 2016          ANNUAL REPORT 2016 FINAL HD
Rotary Year 2014 2015           ANNUAL REPORT 2015 FINAL HD
Rotary Year 2013 2014           ANNUAL REPORT 2014 FINAL HD
Rotary Year 2012 2013           RCOB ANNUAL REPORT 2012 2013 
Rotary Year 2011 2012           RCOB ANNUAL REPORT 2011 2012
Rotary Year 2010 2011          Annual Report (8 MB)

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