5 Reasons to Love Beaumaris Farmers Market

I love my Farmers Market.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been.  There’s something special about the Beaumaris Farmers Market.  

It’s only once a month but I miss it.  While walking Rosie, my miniature Schnauzer,  I took some time to reflect on the things I most enjoy about Beaumaris Farmers Market.


There’s a real buzz about a Farmers Market. There’s the sound of laughter mingled with chatter and live music.  The aromas of coffee and BBQ.  And you almost believe you can taste the vibrant colours of the fresh fruit and vegetables.  All my senses come alive!  But most of all, the Farmers Market tells me I live in a thriving community. 

Delicious tastes

As I walk around the market, I lose my inhibitions.  It’s shocking!  I eat all the things that aren’t good for me.  There are far too many free samples.  Brownies and ice-cream.  Seriously?  Maybe it’s a blessing that’s it’s only once a month.


Some people can’t resist chocolate.  But it’s not my favourite.  I have a different indulgence.  Of all the stalls at the market, I make a beeline for the scone lady.  Fluffy scones, berry scones and scones with jam and cream.  They are my favourite treat. 

Dog friendly

Rosie looks forward to the market.  She’s made so many friends!  And she knows that she’ll get treats from the Pet Treats guy.  He always saves the one she likes.  Our Farmers Market is definitely dog friendly!

Gold coins

As a Rotarian, I help with the gold coin collection.  It’s my job to empty the gate collection buckets,  count and bag the coins.  I then exchange the coins for notes with grateful stallholders, pleased to have the change.  It’s a great feeling knowing that every Farmers Market is generating funds that go towards supporting opportunities for others in our community. 

Beaumaris Farmers Market is quintessentially Bayside.  It’s where the community comes to life.  Fingers crossed it reopens soon.


Lynda Doutch is a Member of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris. She is President Elect and responsible for Club Service. She has lived in Bayside since she was 6 months old and enjoys golf and travel.