New Presidents Interview

Today, our Club Correspondent chats with the newly inducted 36th Beaumaris Rotary President, Adrian Culshaw.

Hello Adrian. Can we start by congratulating you on your appointment and asking you to tell us, “Why Beaumaris Rotary?”

People of action…it’s now nearly ten years since I joined Beaumaris Rotary. I vividly remember what struck me most about the club. It was, and still is, the warmth of the people. Beaumaris Rotary has always mixed tradition with a sense of fun. It’s a vibrant club. But more importantly, what was very clear from day one – Beaumaris Rotary Members are people of action.

Looking ahead to the coming year, what are your thoughts?

Listening…it’s been really important for me to start my Presidency by listening to all my fellow Club Members. And to ask for their input. This has helped us to understand who we are. We see ourselves as:

“A vibrant club offering fellowship and fun whilst creating lasting change through worthwhile and sustainable service: globally, in the local community and in ourselves.”

We’re also a Rotary Club that looks to the future. That’s why we believe our vibrant club exists to create opportunities for people who need our help. 

I can encapsulate our plans for the future in three words: Vibrant, Engaging and Service.

We’re going to be a vibrant club that engages its Members and provides service. Obviously, there’s a lot more detail behind this thinking. We’ll share in coming weeks.

How are you going to make the future thinking a reality?

I’m so fortunate to be following David Hone who’s grown the Club to over 50 Members. He’s nurtured a talented and ‘action-driven’ Beaumaris Rotary Club. We’re all very grateful to David.

Let me announce the new team. I know you’ll have the opportunity to hear from them over coming months. But for now, let me give you their names and positions.

  • Lynda Doutch: President Elect and Director of Club Service
  • Trish Smyth: Secretary (Past President)
  • James Glenwright: Treasurer (Past President)
  • David Hone: Organiser of Conference Attendance (Recent Past President)
  • Richard Jones: Community Service Director (Past President)
  • Liz Tanzimat: Fundraising Director
  • Mark Perelaer: International Chair
  • Chris Mara: Indigenous Projects Chair
  • Viv Zoppolato: Youth Chair

For all of us, it’s really important that people see Rotary Club Members as a force for creating lasting, positive change: globally and in our local community.

I’m looking forward to continuing our chat in the coming weeks.

Thank you Adrian. It’s been great to have this initial chat. We look forward to hearing more about how Beaumaris Rotary continues to create opportunities for people who need help. 

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